Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts, or lack thereof

"Patience is a Virtue" that sometimes I don't have enough of. I try I really do. It takes eveything in me to be patient. To not yell at people when I want to. To control my anger and resentment and feelings. I don't hate anyone. CORRECTION. I CAN'T hate anyone. I won't. I'm the kind of girl that won't let her feelings stop anyone else. I apologize if people misinterpret my mood. If I seem angry or distant its more because I cherish a friendship and don't want to blow it by my random outbursts of UGHiness. Which in turn i guess the aura i give off could be doing that anyway... I just don't think. Most of the time. There is the little occasion where my brain does function. Over all though... it doesn't so forgive my stupidity.

I get mad. I get jealous. I have fear. I feel love. I feel pain. I think dumb stuff. I'm human.

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