Monday, February 13, 2012

Idolization. Goodwill, and Compassion

Going on a walk to surpass the day

There is no destination planned for me

As I wind my way through hectic city streets

To retire to the country peace.

I walk on down the wide, wide path,

That soon begins to narrow,

And to my surprise, when the road should have pressed on

Were three smaller roads

Each one neat and clean

Which one to choose? Which one to pick?

It simply can't be easy.

They're all the same and yet so different

I can't make up my mind.

I need to know. I want to know

But it’s so hard you see.

I find the posts with the three road names,

Reading Idolization, Goodwill, and Compassion.

Which one meant more, I couldn't tell you

One or the other, this one or that,

To make up my mind would take more than time

It would take a lifetime if not only that

I would give up a million for that one decision.

I thought and I sat, I sat and I thought,

But my mind remained unmade.

I decided to wait and decide on it later,

But later would come sooner.

For I could never forget those posts,

The posts that read the names,

Those names that I am getting to know really well

Those three little roads named

Idolization, Goodwill and Compassion.

Monday, February 6, 2012


My thought process...


I love Star Wars. I will be terribly sad if I don't get to go. Darn Pep Band... Work... Concessions... B-day Party.. All wonderful things! So my thought process remains... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

writing to no one

We all do it. The post where we call someone out.
"I'm always thinking about you but you don't know i exist"
That type of thing. Its pointless.
I know that the people I'm talking to probably don't even read my blog.
Probably never will
Therefore we are writing for no one.
Everyone can read our address for no one.
An interesting concept.
A person in mind yet writing to no one.
Writing to no one.
I'm very guilty.