Saturday, December 8, 2012

The smell of sunscreen fills the air and rushing through the sky
A touch of music springs to life as cadence begins to fly
The fire of the golden sun beats down upon the field
The entire passion showing through the instruments they wield
Clearly it is band camp come again this year
Filling up the campus with sounds of merry cheer
Throw in the start of school “Bring it on” is all they say
For marching band has started it is the best part of the day
One week till the next show they scramble to get it done
Working like a hive of bees still fighting to keep it fun
The moment comes to lay it down, perform with all their soul
Always listening for when the start whistle tune will roll
Off to the races the band seems to jive
Giving off energy they all feel alive
This is what they’re made of blood, sweat and sometimes tears
Band is what they strive for it has been for years
This is what they work for, to give themselves away
On that field, a piece of them will always stay
Friendships will be strengthened and memories remain
Of all the joys and pleasures that in the players reign
Marching band is different and surely has its perks
We come from all walks of life which is why it always works
It is a type of living and finding strength within
Knowing that together we have the power to fight and win
Everyone is equal as we work to remain as one
And nothing feels better than knowing you are done
And giving the football fans a gift, a special part of you
That most would see as silly but is essential to the crew

I march because I love it and always feel the need
To show that love to others and hopefully give the seed
To feel the love that I do for something so underrated
And hopefully catch the epidemic even if it is belated.