Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Best Friend

Mater: "I knew I made the right decision"

Lightning McQueen: "In what?"

Mater: "My Best Friend."
-Disney and Pixar's animated film 'Cars'

Happy Birthday Best Friend! (Yesterday)

My best friend is...
Amazing, Fun, Humorous, Attractive, Ridiculous, Ninja, Spiffy, Silly,
Rambunctious, Spiritual, Supportive, Charismatic, Spunky, Athletic, Honest, Trustworthy,
Caring, Polite, Gentlemanly, Tall, Jazzy, Sweet, Adventurous, Monkey-man, and I could go on.

So there's a slight story to the 'Cars' thing up there^... When I first met my friend, we had this
joke, There's a scene where Mater is asked what he was told about talking to the prisoners and he'd replied, "Ta not to" and so I'd say to my friend, "Now what did i tell you about smoking" and he'd reply, "Ta not to".

Of course He's more of the Lightning McQueen Character and I'm more of the Mater personality. Such is how it goes eh?

Anyway my best friend is named Cameron.
Bless his soul for putting up with me. :)
Yesterday was his birthday and he's officially an adult. OLD MAN! haha
Anyway in the morning my other friend and I broke into his house and decorated his bedroom with balloons and streamers. Okay so I didn't really break in I coordinated with his Mother WHO ROCKS!! She's amazing, Just like her son! That was really fun.

Later in the day I called him up to wish him a happy birthday and he invited me to hang out. I was uber giddy! So we hung out and played some smash brothers with his best friend Shane. another girl was there too. Then we went to a park and played around with a soccer ball, foot ball frisby, and basketball, but mostly the foot ball and soccer ball.


Lets just say Cameron and Shane had the ball a lot more than me and my other friend. BUT... I had so much fun! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SOCCER! (and cameron....) any who...

I hope he had a wonderful birthday. I know I enjoyed it and hanging out with him. Even though I ended up on the ground a good amount of the time. He was nice at first about not making me fall but then he got more agressive but it was still fun. :D

"Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates the fact that you were able to make another trip around the sun"
-Arrogant Worms

SO HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON! I'm proud to call you my best friend. :D <3

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