Saturday, March 5, 2011


My pen name means there is always love. Sometimes it is really hard to remember that there is. And that no matter how life becomes or where we're headed someone out there will always love you. It may not be the person whose attention you are dying for but someone always loves you. In my case its my Heavenly Father because I believe there is one. I don't understand always that he's there for me and that I can turn to him. Or that he does things for a reason. Someone will always love me. Someone will always love you....

I fail to remember that a lot because I feel lost and alone in the crazy world of today. I just want to be noticed to know someone that isn't above me loves me. But if my Father upstairs loves me it should be enough, but sometimes its not.

I'm so thankful to Him though.

So Lolovivi, there is always love remember it
{Yes I was talking to myself in third person...I do that sometimes... don't worry about it.}

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