Sunday, March 13, 2011


My posts are kinda boring... anyway i decided to write a poem off the top of my head right now... so bear with me and enjoy the poem I'm gonna write right now.

Seeing your face a few feet away
makes me spin around today
seeing your smile as you walk down the hall
makes one appear on mine as I fall
deeper in love than the day I had you
Without you I see I make myself blue.
I lose my train of thought a lot
and beat myself up thinking of the time that we fought.
I know I'm not the best friend I should always be
I'm trying really hard but you shy away from me
I make myself unhappy and that makes you feel some stress
I'm sorry to hurt your feelings I know I'm not the best
I wish I could express what I truly am
have a personality and show you that I can
live a happy life with you just as a friend
You promised you'd be there for me when I was at the bends
and I know you're always there for me though I don't deserve you to,
I know you don't like to listen when I talk to you.
And still I call you my best friend forever
though sometimes i think thats forever is never
I push you away from the person you knew
because she's hiding and not presented to you.
Somewhere deep inside me I hope to see the day
where you'll call me lovely and hold me in your arms to say
"I never stopped loving you though I hid it away
I want you to be mine and forever with me stay."

tada! ... I dunno I just kinda typed and whala... there is a poem... just what's on my mind I guess But This poem holds some truth in the words.

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