Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yet another post about Parades...

I'm deprived don't judge!
here's a little story I was thinking about a little while ago...

So when I was probably about six I went to a parade somewhere with my grandpa. It was just me and him and he had this camp chair with a little canopy thing on it and I was sitting on his lap. We were just minding our business watching the parade when a news anchor came up to us and asked how we were doing and how we were enjoying the parade. Me being the shy little girl I was my grandpa mostly answered until they directly asked me what my favorite part of the parade was. I think my initial reaction was I don't know, but I was six so I thought about it and I answered "All the pretty floats with princess' on them" as all little girls would probably answer. So that day I was on the news.
I'm no longer as cute and I don't fit on my grandpas lap anymore and my answer has definitely changed.
Many of the band people say that the bands were there favorite. That wasn't true for me apparently Its even caught on film somewhere. I hardly remember the bands. But if I was just as cute and a news anchor asked me again I'd say
because that's where my heart lies. and since I'm usually in the parades the rest bore me cause I'm not used to not being in it ya know? But loving band is just part of who I am. I know the work that goes into it and the pain from doing it. But the important part isn't the pain or the work its the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something hard. and that you put yourself into it and gave something away that's greater than yourself. Band is truly amazing.

When I can't sleep I think about band... :) 

Kristen Bandie for life

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