Tuesday, June 5, 2012


You know you're a band geek when...
 You just graduated and in your summer you still wake up in time to be able to go to marching band.
 You'd rather be marching than sleeping
 You could honestly go to marching band and be able to play the music from memory
I miss band so much I have nothing better to do with my life...
So i sit at home and watch star trek :)... i'd still rather be marching

Good news is I am officially signed up to be in the USU Aggie Marching Band come this fall!! So excited. SO everyone watch Halftimes.
and... I signed up for an ROTC class. Its called leadership and something life... Idk but I'm excited I'm not officially in the army but its like an into or something. I just need to build up my running skills if i'm actually gonna join the army.
I got my USU ID yesterday... SO its official I'm an AGGIE... Kinda weird. Still don't know where I'm gonna live or how I'm gonna make money but I'll get there.

Summer a time that makes me wish i really had more friends that I could call and be like hey lets do something. One of the beauties of band you lucky ducks actually have something to do with your lives. I LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW IN A VERY CREEPY WAY :) I love band... i'm so lonely with out it.

And believe it or not... as glad as i am to be out of highschool i'm gonna miss all my friends. Cause thats really the only time i see any of them I'm a lonely little old fart. I'd sure love to hang out if anyone'd like. I love ya'll..

The term up to par makes me laugh.. cause most people are above and beyond par.. You want to be down to par. at least thats what Landers always told me haha... just a thought. don't judge..

Thoughts are weird. the end!

Live long and prosper. thats the treky in me

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