Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Timpview Band: Not Being in the Parade

Oh my goodness gosh golly goodness... Over the past four years I have done AT LEAST 20 parades. Not including Pearl Harbor, Moab, BYU Homecoming, and Disneyland. Do you know how crazy that is?! Wow... I miss doing parades. Yesterday was the first day in Four years that I was the one watching the parade. It was super weird you know that feeling when you're being yelled at and trying super hard not to smile? I don't get to feel that anymore instead I get to inflict that pain on my friends. Kayla did an amazing job not letting me get her. But I know she was trying SO SO SO hard! Haha It was amazing! She didn't break. I remember the feeling of the little devil on my shoulder telling me to give up to break down. I remember estimating how long the remainder of the parade was. I remember the feeling of burning shins during the parade and how incredibly satisfying that was and how proud I was to be a part of that amazing group of kids. I loved the challenge. The heat BRING IT. The cold BRING IT... HARDER. To me it didn't matter where we were and what we were doing when I dawned that uniform I changed and dug in harder than anyone could imagine. Sun, heat, rain, snow, miles or blocks I was going to finish and I was going to be proud. There is no way I was going to let down my toes, I wasn't going to drop my eyes because when I yelled "EYES WITH PRIDE" on the top of my lungs I sure as heck meant it. Never was I going through the motions because I WAS proud to be there. I was proud of what I stood for and I would never go back and not do marching band. Through everything I learned there I wouldn't change a thing. I am proud to have been a member of the Timpview High School Marching band. I always was, I cherished that uniform I was proud to wear it, to stand for something more than me, more than us. I was never the best but I worked through and pressed on because I strove to be better than my best. I didn't start off strong I was the last to pass off my music my freshman year I was an alternate for fall. The only thing I wanted was to be on that field to be making music with my friends to be the best I could I pushed and I pushed and I worked harder than most. To some it comes naturally, memorizing and playing, for me I had to work. But I told myself, "if you can't play the music perfectly make sure your eyes have pride and your never out of step your body is erect and you never be told to fix yourself. Always be with your left guide and never let anyone make you feel inferior. Just because you didn't catch on like some doesn't mean you don't belong. Be PROUD to be in the band" and I was. And I am proud of my band. I might not be in still but if I could I most definitely would. When I saw the band coming yesterday I was so excited I biffed it when I was trying to get up so I could cheer. And when I was yelling for them I was told "its good for them to have a cheering section" and the only thing I could think was "If I didn't cheer who would?" That's MY band. Those are the people that I love How could I not cheer them on. Give them hope for the end. Tell them to push through. Be proud of who they are and what they stand for. I'm happy I could cheer and even with me not marching my heart was with them and I had to let them know. My determination in band gave me a respect beyond anything I ever had. And band is where I belonged even though my journey through was hard. I had it worse than some but the important part is I NEVER quit. How could I? Band was my home. I remember how it was and not being there is different. Its slightly lonely but I was proud to see and hear my band coming down the road. It happens so fast but band is where I belonged. Bandies, its where you belong. Don't give up if you don't get it right away because you will never say "I worked so hard for nothing" and if there is anyone you should trust about that its me. I worked so hard and got everything, Dedication, Determination and most importantly the ability never to give up. So Work your tails off. Run for the roses ;) learn your peers names. Kick it in the butt. You will never regret what you do. Be Proud to be in the Band you are a Band Geek EMBRACE it. Never give up and try to persevere to the end because that's how it should be. Everything you do should symbolize that last block of the parade when you run; run with a goal, When you stretch; stretch with a purpose. Mean what you do and push because you will feel more satisfaction when you do. Never believe you are not good enough to continue because the band doesn't give up on anybody. Never be afraid to ask for extra help YOUR section leaders love you and want you to succeed. You ARE important to the band. That's what I learned my freshman year. No matter if you have a title or are the farthest behind. YOU matter to the band. YOU are important. No one is better than the other and don't stand for otherwise. The band is a symbol of love, don't take away from that because you NEED to love everyone, even when you don't learn to because "love is a choice" always will be decide what you will choose. How will you be when you graduate. I miss the opportunity you all have right now so please don't take it for granted. Not being in the parade is hard, but seeing the legacy you leave behind is endearing and I love the band more now because I know the work that goes into it. I Love the Timpview Band. I always will. Good job yesterday. My heart was with you. I love you and I miss you. Never be afraid to cross the finish line. Your biggest enemy is yourself. Trust me. I love you. Congratulations on your first parade, I'm proud of the freshmen. It only gets better. I promise. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Special Shout Out:
FLUTES I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Kayla You rock Michaela You rock too! Cutie Flutie Patooties have hawt booties! AH YEAH!! ;) You know it :)
and the rest of the band are hawt too :D

Love Always,
              Kristen Santa Maria Bandie forever!

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