Thursday, September 1, 2011


Darien aka Tuxedo Mask-
addmittedly my first anime crush. I will forever be faithful to his delectable blue eyes cocky attitude and yummy hair. :D he's from sailor moon. Supposedly around 20 dates a girl about 14 SPOILER ALERT! if you haven't seen sailor moon sorry... He is really this girls husband in a future time... So jealous... Anyway Love him. HE IS FINE!!!

my second anime crush. Who doesn't love red blone and black hair? (not to mention those are my three favorite colors... red black and blonde) its been forever since i've watched Yu-gi-oh... but I totally crushed on him none the less! OH YEAH!

Ash Ketchum-
another of my small anime crushes. Not so much as the others... But He will forever be dear in my heart. I remember starting his journey with him. sitting on my living room floor watching THE FIRST POKÉMON EPISODE EVER! I must be getting old. This crush went away over time unlike my love for tuxedo mask. But I love Ash and if i am allowed to say 'Charzards are red squirtles are blue, If you were a Pokémon I'd choose you!' Hehehe YES!!

Toshiro Hitsugaya
or as he prefers Captain Hitsugaya (could be spelling this wrong) DELICIOUS! Can i say hair, attitude. EYES! TURQOISE EYES! He's from bleach and he's Captain over the 10th court gaurd squad and i love him... Fell for his eyes... Too bad HE'S 12!! Broke my heart to find that out! He's totally bada.. LOVE HIM! :D O.o SPOILER ALERT His bankai is an ice dragon! Spicy! Did i mention he's the youngest captain with sweet soccer skills?! 10X more attractive (to further understand watch bleach episode 132)

Ichigo Kurosaki-
Substitute soul reaper. Oh yeah Captain Hitsugaya is a soul reaper... YUMMY! So Ichigo is amazing. I find his will power and strength incredibly alluring. He is always so concerned with everyone elses well being that he ends up dying a lot. Well... You'd have to watch to understand. I love his hair.. it looks so soft and playfulable... (not a word) anyway even though he's not at first apealing I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS PERSONALITY! Oh and he really is a babe. Just not as much as he could be :D

YAY BOYS! hehehe... and maybe just maybe there might be a boy i'm taking a liking to :D hee

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