Thursday, September 1, 2011

SHOOL. (pronounced as if Megamind was saying it)

Shool is a place. It is also a thing, a tool, etc... I think it could even possibly be a scam! Ha no I'm toying. So far shool is decent.
I enjoy most of my classes. even though i frequently have panic attacks over some of them... *Cough* AP Spanish *Cough* And i'm even half native mexican. Obviously that means one thing; NOTHING!
I think so far my two favorite classes are Interior Design and Weight training. Ha if you think I'm a babe now... Oh BOY just you wait ;) "I'm only joking, I am Fred"... ha, OH YEAH!
Speaking about shool... Ha I so do not feel like a senior (and to be quite honest... i didn't even order a cap and gown...) I miss all my old senior buddies. I don't like to be the oldest in the school. I don't really have many people to look up to anymore...
This morning when i walked in to my english class room it smelled like Coffee and totally made me happy. It was the esence of perfection. Books and the Smell of coffee just go hand in hand. (Which reminds me that the borders near my house is apparently closing! How depressing is that?! Where am i supposed to run to now and be asked if i work there while reading a book sitting in a little kid chair in Grubbies?!) And we read a poem YES! Then I did a dance in the hall cause I found out that I had a spanish sup *Jummping up and Down in excitement again* Lets just say Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull... SHIA LEBEOUF... WOO WEE! When he comes into that movie is he spicy or what! Its definitely the bike (and the way they dress him up... mmm... yes please?!)

Yesh shool is a place for socializing not a place to learn. O.o people watching is fun to. :D

YAY! SHOOL! or not so yay :D

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