Monday, February 21, 2011

Urban Dictionary

Kristen: –adjective
pronounced "kris-tuhn"
being of extreme beauty, class, and creativity.
also happens to be pretty rad.
Slang for "most awesome girl ever"
usually extremely beautiful. can surprise you at what she can do.
very outgoing. can be emotional at times, but mostly just wants to party!
An amazing person, not likely to ever leave your thoughts,
always to the be te only one on your mind . Incredibly beautiful,
nice, smart, caring, and all-around great . Her eyes gleem with
a radiance of a thousand stars, her lips draw you in, like magnets,
her love is like life, without it, you surely cannot live.
Very hott girl that you won't seem to every forget about,
amazing personality and great figure.

I don't Feel this way at all but it makes me smile and want to hope for me that it'll be good
Life is good life is great lets put it all in the hands of fate.
I may not act like it at all but I really love my life and am so thankful for hope and the strength to carry on
I love my friends and those beautiful enough to listen to me rant.
I love to be me as I'm discovering and I'm not a rag doll to be tossed around and damaged but still loved
can't i be loved whole for who i think i am?

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