Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I miss that quirky smile directed at me... I can't help but flood with emotions when in the same room. My heart races as my head throbs with longing. I miss hearing the laugh that fills up the room when I'd say something stupid. I miss seeing the sparkling eyes that would rest upon me with stern adoration. I miss feeling the warm embrace that I never want to be let out of. I don't miss the smell when you walk past me, simply because I can still savour it. That smell makes my world stop, my semi-non-functional brain freeze and not notice anything or anyone around. I can't think when I am engulfed by the presence in the room. My head spins and my mouth turns upward. Gradually my face brightens with a pink hue that tells me I'm so in love. I miss knowing that despite the ups and downs of my life I'd never be alone. In all I miss you and want so bad for you to come back. Patiently I must wait to see what is instore for me... truthfully I hope its you at the end of my dark tunnel of fear and life. The steps I take are in the direction of your pure countinence and joy that eminates off you and plants itself in my heart. I feel you in me and I know I will always love you... Even when I try to not, I can not, and sometimes fear I will not. But the fear is also hope and the hope is always there just as you are always on my mind. I'm longing for you to be with me, but I MUST wait, and i will.

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