Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Art Of Napping

I've been told that I look very peaceful when I'm asleep... Opposed to when I'm awake...
You know I don't really know how to take that... haha I guess it makes sense cause I don't have any worries I guess. Anyway..... I LOVE NAPPING!

Today I had a three hour nap. Its a beautiful thing this napping. Sometimes I dream when I nap. Very rarely though. It would appear that I nap almost whenever possible, for me.

Napping is indeed an art. Some people legitimately can't nap, this is a sad and strange concept for me. I honestly don't know what I would do without napping.

Some of the best naps include but are not limited to...

The asphalt
The sidewalk (believe it or not those two are more comfy than they sound)
Front yard on a sunny day falling asleep reading a book
Backyard - same story
Living room floor
Family room floor
Mom's bed
Dining room floor
Friends couches
Friends bean bag (while hanging out and or watching a movie)
;) Boys arms (while hanging out AND watching a movie)
Library chair
BAND NAPS (also reffered to as brain-washing)
Back seat in a car
Front seat in a car
On a bus
practice room

I've napped some strange places. But I indeed love napping its rather relaxing. I also enjoy meditation, which sometimes can be considered a nap. I mean thats basically all a band nap is :D... and surprisingly the band room floor is mighty comfortable. :D

I love napping.

I also decided that flossing is a beautiful thing. I once thought it tedious but needed to be done... now I enjoy it. Sorry random thought... DON'T JUDGE :D

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