Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random thoughts on a random subject of random kisses :D

"Life, the gift of nature. Love, the gift of life. A kiss, the gift of love"

Cute. So lots of different kinds of kisses I suppose.

You know...

Spiderman kiss (:D I love spiderman...)
Butterfly kiss
eskimo kiss
Kiss on the Cheek
Air kiss (blowing someone a kiss)
Angel Kiss
A peck
french (hahahaha apparently they call it american kissing O.o)

Despite there being an assortment of different kinds of kisses they all show affection in one way or another. In my opinion the best kind is the kind that simply makes you forget anything else exists. Like there is you and them and nothing else matters. Its perfect... To my knowledge... well i can remember this kiss as a good bye kiss primarily is what comes to mind. But that is not what is on my mind currently... Not that kissing's on the brain. (Purhaps i was given the subject to write about {or purhaps i'm trying to make you think that}) Its the moment where you feel so in love that any kiss you give is special and you can tell that you truly do love a person. You can fall in love a number of times. But only once will it be forever. A kiss can strengthen a relationship and can show affection. Everyone can confess their love, but not everyone can prove it. Making time stop and everything disappear with a simple kiss is well... splendid, unexpected, and very hard to explain. Twice... if you were wondering.
If I HAD to explain the sensation... I'd say its like getting a high on say soda or simply life, where you get really happy and hyper and then you crash from all that happy giddiness. Its like opening a bottle of and unleashing that bubley foam that gets on everyone and everything. (i've seen that in movies... the wine thing) Its like knowing you don't have any homework to turn in the next day and having free time. But mostly the first. GIDDY. thats what you are, when its truely meaningful.
Its as if you put your whole heart and soul into it. That would be that kiss. A kiss of pure bliss and love. With it, you give part of yourself away, and no matter what happens with that relationship, they will forever be etched into your heart. Forever.

Sensational. a goodbye. and a hello.

Solve: 9x-7i>3(3x-7u) (i just noticed if you rearrange the letters in solve you can get loves...)


  1. Lovely. :D I quoted you, by the way. :)
    Oh, and did you know? Kissing has the same effect on your brain and emotions as cocaine. So, what you were saying about feeling "high" is pretty dang true. :)