Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a heart.


A heart is not a play thing

A heart is not a toy

But if you want it broken

Just give it to a boy.

Boys like to play with things

To see what makes them run

But when it comes to kissing

They do it just for fun

Boys never give their hearts away

They play us for a fool

But when we give our hearts to them

They try and play it cool

You'll wonder where he is at night

You'll wonder if he is true

One day you'll be happy

And the next day you'll be blue

Then it starts to happen

You'll worry day and night

You see my friend you're losing him

It never turns out right

Love is fine but hurts so much

The price you pay is high

If you could choose between life and death

I think I'd rather die

So when I say don't fall in love

You'll hurt before its through

You see my friend I ought to know

I fell in love with you

My heart is yours forever love

I hope you'll understand

But I thought when I gave you my heart

I gave it to a MAN.

Once I found this poem while cleaning my room and it made me cry...

I think every time i read it I tear up a bit.

Because thinking someone loves you enough to never hurt you...

is Simply Wonderful.

But there comes a time where you will hurt...

And hopefully you won't.

But don't fall so hard unless your sure he's the Man that WILL give you

Your very own Happily Ever After... dont be fooled into loving without holding back too soon.

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