Sunday, June 12, 2011

another poem

okay so The Open... Yeah not the poem I really wanted to post so... I feel like I have to post the one I originally wanted to put up... I think it is my favorite one I've written...

One tree

One solitary tree stands in isolation

On a simple hill

Its withered and worn branches

Are fighting to keep their will

It has no friends who stay with it,

And last the whole year's seasons.

Its only visits are oft from birds,

Who forget him with no reasons?

As days go on it watches the sunsets

Wishing to start anew.

Everyday watching the rising and setting

Wanting it to be him up there in the blue.

It longs for it, it yearns for it,

But it shall never come.

This poor old tree in a dying state

Is starting to be numb.

Though dying it still wants to

Start once more,

To be one small, learning to live,

And striving for life's open door.

And though it struggles with

Its last and dying breath

Wanting to live but slowly easing into death,

It still stands with pride

For he knows now dying is the

End of life's winding ride.