Monday, July 13, 2009

Things We Take For Granted

Living in the United States of America we can tend to take things for granted. Such as the freedoms that we have. Like I've said before we aren't completely free but we aren't in bondage either. Some countries don't have it as easy as we do. They actually have to struggle through everyday life and while we sit on our rears eating potato chips flipping through the channels skipping over the news cause its unimportant to us and watching some stupid cartoon like Sponge Bob they are drinking dirty water and eating rotting food just to stay alive. That is what we should be paying attention to not some fantasies of childish adults in the US. I admit I tend to not watch the news but when i do I'm disgusted by the ignorance in us. We can make a difference but we don't try we just go through life taking every drink of soda and every bite of fresh food for granted. We need to open our eyes to whats around us. They are people too and we can help them live better longer.

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